All staff members at FIPP are involved in research activities on a daily basis. FIPP also has several employees that are responsible for writing grants, designing studies, conducting research activities, analyzing data, and disseminating the information in many forms and venues. See below for more information regarding specific FIPP researchers and their interests.

Debbie Hamby
Debbie Hamby, M.P.H.
Early Intervention Research Specialist
(828) 608-6721
Karen Clark
Karen Ledford Clark, B.A.
Web-Based Training Coordinator
(828) 608-6719
Lou Hill
Lou Hill, M.P.H.
Social Research Specialist
(828) 608-6706
Regina Tipton
Research Assistant
(828) 608-6731
Sarah Sexton
Sarah Sexton, Ed.D.
(828) 608-6707
Teran Frick
Professional Development Specialist