The purpose of Early Intervention Fidelity Coach Certification Institute is to develop a cadre of advanced level coaches to support early intervention practitioners with the implementation of a coaching interaction style, natural learning environment practices, resource-based practices, and other evidence-based practices in the field of early intervention. Certified Early Intervention Fidelity Coaches will have demonstrated the ability to recognize the need for and provide coaching support to build the capacity of early intervention practitioners to reach fidelity in the use of evidence-based early intervention practices.

The 2024 Institute is scheduled for October 14-18 and is virtual. 

The application deadline is July 15 each year.

The cost is $1,500 per-person.

In order to be certified, an individual must complete all of the following requirements.

Certification Requirements:

  • Commit to serving as an Early Intervention Fidelity Coach for a minimum of two years (recertification required every two years),
  • Successfully complete the Fidelity-in-Practice: Early Intervention web-based training prior to the Early Intervention Fidelity Coach certification training.
  • Complete the initial 5 day certification training and pass the competency exam at the conclusion of the training,
  • Seek opportunities to coach other coaches on a regular basis,
  • Submit six sets of coaching logs (one per month) documenting: (a) the conversation a coach had with a family demonstrating his/her use of coaching, natural learning environment practices, and/or resource-based practices and (b) your coaching the coach conversation,
  • Participate in six monthly web-based meetings to discuss your coaching logs and those submitted by others in your cadre,
  • Submit videos of: (a) a coach coaching a family (along with your FIP-EI); and (b) your coaching conversation with the coach at months three and six,
  • Achieve personal fidelity as an Early Intervention Fidelity Coach by the conclusion of the six-month follow-up period or complete an optional three more months of intensive follow-up at an additional cost.

Role of a Certified Early Intervention Fidelity Coach:

The role of a Certified Early Intervention Fidelity Coach is to build the capacity of persons working in the field of early intervention to use natural learning environment practices, a coaching interaction style, and resource-based practices with fidelity to the evidence-based characteristics and implementation conditions.

At the institute learn to:

  • Evaluate early intervention visits using the FIP-EI
  • Analyze electronic coaching logs
  • Coach caregiver coaches to improve practice alignment
  • Evaluate the skills of mentor coaches using coaching logs and the FIP-MC
  • Coach mentor coaches to improve your organization’s infrastructure of support
  • Learn to quickly respond to “commonly asked questions”
  • Use Roadmaps for Reflection and Blueprints for supporting continuous improvement
  • Self-assess your own alignment with capacity-building coaching characteristics