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The Fidelity-in-Practice–Early Intervention (FIP-EI)is a resource for early childhood intervention (ECI) administrators, supervisors, and practitioners. The FIP-EI contains a set of checklists for evaluating cross-disciplinary practices unique to the parent or caregiver capacity-building focus of ECI (natural learning environment practice, resource-based practices, and coaching practices).

The FIP-EI Manual contains resources to help administrators implement the observation checklists in an evidence-based manner. The FIP-EI Manual includes an orientation step-up guide for determining the recommended frequency of observations based on practitioner confidence and competence, instructions for facilitating a pre-observation joint planning conference, helpful hints for using the FIP-EI during a live or video recorded observation, support for facilitating post-observation reflections with space to document a continuous improvement plan, and assistance with determining the presence or absence of each checklist indicator. 

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The FIP-EI Checklists include clearly written indicators that describe the characteristics of practices associated through research with positive developmental outcomes for children and capacity-building outcomes for families. The checklists are intended to aid practitioners in understanding and operationalizing research-based and recommended practices and to help administrators monitor and support the use of the practices. 

To request individual or group certification training on the use of the FIP-EI, contact Sarah Sexton at the Family, Infant and Preschool Program or call (828) 608-6707.