The Child Interest and Activity Plan (CIAP) is a step-by-step observation planning guide for early intervention/early childhood practitioners and families to use to promote child learning as a part of everyday activities and routines during a visit and between visits. The CIAP uses the characteristics of natural learning environment practices and a coaching interaction style to build parents’ capabilities during the visit. The CIAP guides the practitioner through the process of (1) following-up on the previous between visit family plan; (2) planning, practicing, and reflecting on the current visit’s focus activity or observation; and (3) the development of a new between-visit family plan and the plan for the next visit.

The CIAP Manual contains instructions, information about natural learning environment practices (NLEP) and a coaching interaction style, a quick start guide and a series of Roadmaps for Reflection–conversation flow charts illustrating the flow of visit using NLEP and coaching. This document should be printed on 11×17 paper, double sided and folded like a booklet.
The CIAP Worksheets contain organized space for practitioners to document child interests, family routines, and caregiver responsive strategies. These pages should be printed on on letter-size paper, double sided.
The Caregiver Responsive Strategies to Promote Child Learning aligns with the Responsive Teaching Record worksheet and can be used as a handout for caregivers to refer to. Families can track responsive strategies they use to Invite, Engage, and Teach their child. It should be printed on legal-size paper and folded like a booklet. 

To request individual or group certification training on the use of the CIAP, contact Sarah Sexton at the Family, Infant and Preschool Program or call (828) 608-6707.